Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Language Lessons for Little Ones

Today I am going to review Language Lessons for Little Ones by Sandi Queen.  This book is advertised as a great Charlotte Mason style of teaching language arts.  For sure, it lives up to that reputation!  We have loved this book! 

We are about halfway through the book at this point.  It introduces all the letters, with plenty of handwriting and letter recognition practice.  It also includes art appreciation and narration practice.  We use this book two or three times a week and generally go through a page or two of lessons each time.  A single lesson takes only a few minutes.  Since I am using it for kindergarten, we are going through it at a faster pace- which my daughter enjoys.  She will often request to continue on even after several pages.  She enjoys the book very much.  I like that it includes many different subjects and combines them all very nicely.  It does not seem like a workbook because of the layout of it.

Many lessons also include an opportunity for the child to draw something that we read about in a poem in the book.  My daughter loves these pages, and it is great comprehension practice to ask her to draw something related to a topic we just read about.

The art appreciation is included throughout the book with beautiful paintings.  I love looking at these paintings, and they are very intriguing for my daughter as well.  I really like that this is included in the book.  I have been wanting to expose her to great artists works, but sometimes it seems like a big thing to search for paintings and figure out how to teach about them.  Having paintings and the text to teach about them all included in this book is so helpful!  I've been enjoying learning along with my girl!

The categories of this book include:

Picture Study and Narration
Poetry Appreciation and Narration
Introducing a Letter for Copywork
Indentifying a Letter
Reviewing the Letters of the Alphabet
Creative Expression and Narration
Differences between Similar Letters
Song Appreciation

This book is advertised as a book for preschoolers.  My daughter is doing well with it as a kindergartener though.  I think there is a lot out there that is marketed for preschoolers that has pretty high expectations for children who have not yet developed the fine motor coordination to get the full benefit from the product.  At age 5, this book is perfect for my girl!

I'm very pleased with this book.  This is the first in a series of these workbooks.  We will continue through the series for as long as it works for us.  If all the others in the series are this good I'm sure we will enjoy them!

This goes to show how effective the Language Lessons for Little Ones book has been for us.  That afternoon, Joelle picked up one of our Christmas books and decided to copy a sentence out of it.  This was her own idea.  She spent a long time working on this.  She was very proud of herself, and I was very impressed with the results.  Look at that fancy handwriting!  She has a desire to learn how to write, and she is doing well in motivating herself.  I was so happy to see her enjoying this!

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