My Background

I grew up most of my life in Washington state, then moved to Oregon with my family in my junior year of high school.  I am the oldest of four siblings.  After high school, I went on to college at Northwest Christian College (which has now grown and is called Northwest Christian University).  At the time that I attended, it felt pretty small to me- and I enjoyed that.  It is situated right next to The University of Oregon, which is an awesome location for taking full advantage of all that both schools have to offer.  I attended there for four years and graduated with a BA in interdisciplinary studies.

After college, I moved cross-country to Massachusetts, and worked as a live-in nanny there for three years.  That was a very fun adventure in my life.  I met a life-long friend there, and also got to see and experience many things I never would have otherwise.  I got to be an important influence in the life of a young child, and became a part of a family over there, and I truly enjoyed that time!

In 2006, I moved back to Bend, Oregon.  I met my husband shortly after moving back (which was nothing short of God's hand moving in my life!).  We first met online, and then eventually realized we went to the same mega church- and met face to face.  From the first day that we met each other, the connection between us was strong!  I knew without a doubt that God had brought us together!  It is a long story, which I'm happy to tell because it is clear that God was the one who did it!  I was longing for a husband, and my husband was also longing for a wife.  Both of us had separate  experiences of being prophesied over with confirmation that we were going to meet each other soon.  Shortly after I had prayed, asking God to take the desire out of my heart for a husband if it wasn't going to be fulfilled, and to change the desire to whatever God wanted it to be- my husband Chad came into my life.  In the very same month that I had been in Massachusetts, hearing God speak to me to move back to Oregon, my husband Chad had someone pray over him and say that God was putting the process into motion at that very moment for him to meet his future wife.  Our God is amazing, and he definitely always knows what we need!

After moving back to Bend, I got various jobs working with children.  I worked as an after-school daycare director for awhile.  Then, I simultaneously worked as a substitute teacher's assistant in elementary schools.  I enjoyed both of those jobs very much.  Eventually, I got a job as a legal assistant, through a personal connection.  I loved that job because it was so interesting to read about all the different cases and see how they got worked out.  Chad and I got married in 2007.  We got married after only having known each other for nine months!  However, we both just knew it was right.  And, we were waiting for each other in the physical side of our relationship- so we weren't dragging our feet!  After getting married, I moved into to Chad's duplex and we enjoyed a year together before I got pregnant with Joelle. 

June of 2009, Joelle was born.  My life changed drastically at that point!  I thought that I might go back to work, and even had made plans to do so since we thought we couldn't afford to live on one income.  However, we worked it out.  I was so enthralled with my daughter that I could not imagine leaving her to go to work! 

Jaren was born in 2012.  Neither of my children have ever been to preschool or daycare.  I enjoy being the one who is with them most of the time.  I know their years as young children may seem to creep by at times, but truly they do fly by!  I don't want to miss much!  So, I have been a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom ever since.  My true passion is in writing.  I would love to build some type of side career in writing.  But, for now, my children are my biggest focus in my daily life. 

My daughter, Joelle is five.  My son, Jaren is two.  This blog is a place for reviews of anything and everything we use in our adventure of homeschooling.  I knew I wanted to homeschool since my daughter was born, and I truly enjoy it! 

I hope this will be a place where fellow homeschoolers can come to find out more about products they might want to try with their own children. 

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