Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Month of Kindergarten

We have had a fun first month of Kindergarten.  Joelle is doing very well with the My Father's World curriculum.  I have been using the science and letter topic throughout the week while her friend is over, and then doing the reading lessons and worksheets with her at other times.  So far it has been pretty easy and she enjoys it.  I have done a few units in one week, but I think from now on we may stretch them into two week units.  The reading lessons require a little more work starting with Unit 6 and I still want to keep going at a slow pace.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Spring!

Kindergarten Begins in Spring

So, I bought the whole My Father's World kindergarten set months ago, and took my time organizing it.  Recently I was debating whether I should try to start my girl on it this spring or wait until fall. The program runs on a five day schedule, and I know we will have enough other activities going on next fall that we definitely won't be sitting down to do school work five days a week.  With community bible study one day and Friday school another, I really only picture us doing formal lessons two or three days a week.  So I was trying to figure out which would be better: to start kindergarten now and work through it slowly as it works out (mainly on days when I'm not already babysitting) or wait until fall and try to cram it all into one year anyway, or start in fall and go slowly anyway and try to accept that it may take longer than a year.
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