Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Touchable Tuesday- Our Home-made Reading and Writing Kit

Looking for some fun ways to encourage your kindergartener in reading and writing?  Tired of a one size fits all program?  We have tried a couple of different things for reading this year that have not worked very well for us.  I recently started finding some great free online resources that rely mostly on games (which have been working very well for us), and so I decided to make our own reading/writing kit to encourage her in these subjects. 

Pulling the Resources Together

I have a collection of reading and writing games that I have been laminating and organizing over the past several weeks.  A lot of them have come from the You Can Read program that we are working through from Carissa over at this blog which I love http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/2015/01/you-can-read-word-families-_at-word-family-printables/  Carissa is a former teacher, and she has a daughter very close to Joelle's age- so I have been following her blog for years.  I love the free resources she has to offer.  Joelle has been really enjoying the You Can Read program more than anything else we have tried.

Sight word Bingo cards from You Can Read
Last week, I found these printable letters off of the Homeschool Creations website, along with Read, Build, Write word cards and mats.  I started printing that stuff out, and then I remembered I had these mini wooden blocks.  So, I thought it would make the game even more fun if the letters were on the blocks instead of just flat.  You can find all the printables to make this game here at Homeschool Creations http://homeschoolcreations.com/Read_Build_Write_Printables.html

Then I also read an article about how learning to rhyme is a very important pre-reading skill.  Joelle does not have a firm grasp on rhyming yet, so I found a great rhyming games pack from This Reading Mama.  Check it out here http://thisreadingmama.com/free-rhyme-time-pack-updated-expanded/

I also bought the first sight words level from Ready2Read from the Moffat Girls, which I am using to supplement our You Can Read program right now.  Between the two, as well as all the free resources I have listed, we have plenty of fun hands on reading and writing practice.  The Moffat Girls is another one of my favorites for getting resources, but most of hers cost at least $5. a packet.  I am grateful her packs are at least pretty affordable though.  I've tried a lot of her stuff, and it is great!  Check out her Ready2Read pack here http://moffattgirls.blogspot.com/2014/01/ready2read-level-1-unit-1again.html

Rhyming word match game from Ready2Read

Rhyming cards with word mats from This Reading Mama

Picture cards and word cards match game from Ready2Read


Word ladder sliding cards games from Ready2Read
My laminator is a homeschool mom's best friend!  I've been having fun printing these games out, laminating them, and trying to get them organized.  Then, I thought it might be more fun for Joelle if we put everything into one box so it was all together, and called it her reading and writing kit.  I bought a pretty pink see-through box, some zipper pouches, some bags, and some cute princess stickers.  I told her to decorate the box with them however she wanted.  She was curious and excited when she saw me putting everything together.

One thing I've learned from homeschooling this year is that no single program usually works perfectly for us.  I usually end up drawing resources from many different places in order to make a program that fits well with my girl.  It seems more fun that way anyway!  Joelle enjoys learning, and that was my goal.  I want the things I pull together to be fun for her, especially in kindergarten.  Reading and writing time is now fun game time, the highlight of our homeschool mornings.

The finished kit with everything included

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  1. Great ideas! So wonderful to see all the ideas you've come up with to fit multiple learning styles.


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